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Bill of Rights in Action


  • Haitis Slave Revolt and War for Independence
  • Remembering John Brown
  • What is Treason? The Aaron Burr Case
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Academic discussion. Deliberate instead of debate.
Student-centered. Text-based. Controversial issues.
Multiple perspectives.

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Our Impact

States where our programs and curriculum are used.
Bill of Rights in Action subscribers.
Students have participated in the California Mock Trial competition.
Visits to our websites each year.

Curriculum Materials

Compelling. Accessible. Interactive.
Non-partisan. Issue-based. Standards-aligned.


Academic discussion.
Deliberate instead of debate.
Student-centered. Text-based.
Controversial issues. Multiple perspectives.

Students reported that they felt empowered by having Civil Conversations.
Katie, Charlotte, NC

I loved that it made kids slow down and think before talking and that they had to have EVIDENCE! Not just letting their passion take them off the rails.
Ciera, Old Town, ME


Topical. Timely.
Texts and application activities.
U.S. and world history. Government and current events.

Your lessons are the most clear, concise and insightful explanations of complex historical events and trends that I've seen anywhere!  Textbooks seem to over simplify. . . or give a laundry list of dull detail. Your lessons tackle fascinating subjects and are exactly on target. I can't thank you enough! 

Daria, San Diego, California


Our Programs

Innovative Relevant Student-centered Standards-aligned

CAP Civic Action Project

Project-based learning.

Issues. Policy connections. Perspectives.

Thoughtful civic actions. Proven practices in civic learning (C3).


94% of students think CAP helped them become a more effective citizen.
95% of students say CAP made them believe they can make a difference.

Cops & Kids:
Working Together for Peace on the Streets

Middle school students.
Scope and limits of police authority.
Police Patrol simulation with sworn officers.
Open lines of communication. Build understanding. Community policing.

Pre and post surveys of officers and
students show dramatic shifts from negative to positive attitudes.

98% of the officers say that this program is valuable or highly valuable
in improving police/community relations.

EHI Expanding Horizons Internships


Transforming young peoples lives.
First generation college-bound students.
Paid internships in professional workplaces.
Seminars to prepare for job experience and college.


100% of the students go to college.


Working at Latham & Watkins allowed me to interact with my coworkers in a professional manner. My participation in the EHI program taught me that connections, experiences, and networking is important. If one is able to open themselves up and are willing to work hard, you will be very successful.
Jared, 2019 Intern

Mock Trial

A fictional criminal case. Real arguments.
Student attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs, and clerks.
Los Angeles County and California state competitions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mock Trial  lawyers and judges

Appellate Court Experience appellate lawyers

Courtroom to Classroom lawyers, judges, law students

Civic Action Project  adults who support youth engagement

Cops & Kids adults who want to work with middle school students and officers. 






Engaged with the youth we serve.


Help us close the civic opportunity gap.

CRF showed me that my voice is powerful enough to make a difference. 
Brianna A., student